01. WeChat’s Crazy CNY Stats

WeChat’s “2021 Cloud Spring Festival Social Life Report” showed us what it looks like when 100 million people opt to stay put for Chinese New Year:

  • 163% increase in food delivery
  • “Cloud Shopping” was up by 632% according to the number of visits to shopping mall-type Mini Programs
  • Remember that red envelope cover mania? Well, there were over 7 WeChat red envelope covers per capita for CNY 2021! This may have been partly because users wanted to make sharing the digital version as special as possible, since they couldn’t exchange red envelopes face-to-face as easily this year.
  • 35 million hours of reading on WeChat3114

2.Here’s Why It’s Smart to Tailor Towards Gen Z on WeChat

McKinsey & Company’s recent report shows that Gen Z in China has more brand loyalty than their counterparts elsewhere and are especially inclined toward personalized products. WeChat’s growing ecosystem is the perfect place to meet Gen Z shoppers (WeChat Work, for example, facilitates highly personalized service).

  • 43% agreed that they would always choose a brand they know well over something new.
  • 51% said they preferred brands that would customize products for them – far more than any other country.
  • 47% of Gen Z claims they purchase spontaneously.
  • 56% buy online, even if they browse in-store first.

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3. WeChat 101: How Does WeChat Search Work?

Welcome to our new WeChat 101 series! We’ll cover introductory WeChat information – great for those who are new to the platform or looking to help others understand how it works. Even the seasoned WeChat user will find some helpful tips, too!

This week, we’re diving into WeChat search: how it works, what kinds of results it yields, and how WeChat has recently expanded its capabilities.


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