01. WeChat Announces Red Envelope and Channels Integration

You can put videos on your custom red envelopes and direct the receiver to the WeChat Channels home page!A few WeChat Channels facts: 

  1. WeChat Channels, like a short-form video app within WeChat, was soft-launched in January 2020. 

  2. A Channels home page can link to Mini Programs and WeChat account IDs. 

  3. Though Channels is relatively new, several luxury brands already have notable followings.

The feature was available as of the Jan. 20th announcement.
We’re excited to see how brands will leverage this new capability over CNY to connect with their clientelle!

Read WeChat’s announcement (Chinese language) here.


02. Tencent Reports Strong 2020 Numbers for WeChat

Tencent’s WeChat reported strong 2020 numbers.
Where was the major growth?

  1. Mini Programs – The number of transactions in WeChat mini programs DOUBLED. Average transaction value also went up by 67%, and users were engaging with more MP’s too!

  2. WeCom – The WeChat for work platform serves over 5.5 million organizations, has 130 million active users, and has connected to over 400 million WeChat users.

  3. WeChat Search – People are getting used to using WeChat to search for information, and the function hit over 500 million monthly active users in 2020. 

WeChat is becoming increasingly valuable to businesses, especially considering that the average WeChat user in China spends 29.2 hours a month on the app (according to The State of Mobile 2021 report by App Annie) – that’s 26% more than on Douyin (Chinese TikTok).


03. WeChat Tip: Six “Secret” WeChat Functions

90% of users don’t know about these easy WeChat functions – and they are so useful, so we just had to share! 

  1. Create memos and stick on feed
  2. Become a sticker/GIF extraordinaire
  3. Set a reminder to reply to a message
  4. Scan to search for items online
  5. Scan to translate images
  6. Create a long picture (and even customize text and background color) 

Check out our the simple how-to’s below!



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