01. How Brands Leveraged Red Envelope Mania

There has been mania over branded WeChat red envelope covers. One of the most hotly anticipated being Burberry’s (and they did not disappoint!), which we’ll cover below.

We looked at some of the best strategies to present four ways your brand can leverage the red envelope madness to increase engagement:

1. Start a Conversation

Comments–based competitions are quite popular.
For example, Harry Winston challenged readers to “send a New Year’s blessing using the word ‘ox’” in the comments. The top five comments with the most number of likes would win a set of branded red envelopes. The competitions kept readers’ attention! The two January posts with competitions got 430% more engagement than their two
non-competition posts.


2. Drive Building

TAG Heuer required users to register in their Mini Program to enter a red envelope lucky draw. The account even customized the OA menu bar to direct red-envelope seekers on how to register. This is a smart move by brands – luxury branded red envelopes are limited in supply, so users will be willing to undergo a quick registration to increase their chances of getting their hands on some.

As far as strategy success goes, people were interested: the red envelope post received 560% more comments than the previous week’s!


3. Showcase Culture

Burberry Generation Vol.4 featured four illustrators’ branded and animated red envelope covers. They also released several Bobo the Ox themed covers at the same time.

Users had been anticipating the covers for weeks, and when they finally arrived, especially appreciated the authenticity of the art. One WeChat commenter said, “Your red envelope cover is really beautiful, the first time a big name is actually so amazing to me!” This summarizes nicely how Burberry took cultural connection to the next level with their incorporation of rising talent.


4. Command Attention

Many brands gave away a limited number of digital red envelope covers with just a click. The envelopes were often gone within minutes. Peruse the comments, and you’ll see the repeated lament, “I missed the covers 😭.”

Giveaways kept fans keenly anticipating each post to catch the next release.

2171102. Two Ways to Nudge Official Account Followers with Little to No Effort.

Nudge customers on WeChat with little to no effort. Here’s two ways:

  1. Unfinished Articles Section 

Whenever users swipe down from the main chat list to access recently used Mini Programs, they’ll also see a list of articles they’ve opened but haven’t finished reading. One click takes them to where they left off in that article!

  1. Creative Use of Template Messages

Dolce & Gabbana leveraged the Appointment Reminder template WeChat message to notify users of the release of their 2021 Fall/Winter show mini program. Not sure what template messages are? Check out our guide here.

The key in all of this is making sure your content hits home for your readers.

That’s why here at ChatLabs, we’re so big on segmenting users and sending highly personalized messages – to make sure WeChat is working for YOUR brand to build a 1:1 connection with your users.2171203. Chinese New Year on WeChat: Webinar in Collaboration with Qumin! 

Chinese New Year has long been a festival during which brands seek to build emotional connections with their customers through culturally-fueled campaigns. This is especially important for luxury brands that have been wooing shoppers with snazzy campaigns and “Year of the Ox” exclusives. Unlike many other shopping festivals (think Singles’ Day aka 11-11), this one is full of cultural depth, so Western brands aiming to create culturally-appropriate campaigns might not always get it right.

We selected five brands that did an outstanding job in leveraging the WeChat ecosystem to reach their customers. Then we asked, how did they do culturally? Did these brands strike a chord or strike out? Together, we’ll dive into their multi-faceted marketing strategies and analyze why they did – or didn’t – connect with their audience during the most nostalgic time of the year.

Join our interactive livestream with Qumin on March 3rd! It’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Brand), which means you’ll help us rate the campaigns, ask questions, vote in polls and share your experiences. REgister Here21713

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