Chinese users are staying longer within the WeChat ecosystem with the rise of mini programs that replaces the need for standalone apps. QuestMobile’s report shows that brands are building more mini programs (almost double the number of MPs with more than 100 thousand MAUs since 2018). And users are using them more (+33% from 2019) and using them longer (+27% from 2019).

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So what does this mean? You can leverage the growing power of the WeChat ecosystem to attract and retain private traffic. With 11/11 starting, we will definitely see brands live streaming on mini programs to retain traffic on their owned channels. Here are some reasons why live streaming on WeChat is the best long-term user engagement strategy: 

🔍 Users can directly access your live stream mini program from the WeChat search page.

💬 Live stream mini program cards are easily shareable. It can be embedded into broadcast articles or in chats with your friends and family. But the most popular and particularly effective method is to share it in WeChat groups.

🔔Users can sign up for notifications when the live stream starts. Your brand Official Account will rise to the top of the user’s chat list to make sure they don’t miss out.

🛍 Users can click on the showcased item and open the product page in the e-commerce mini program while the live stream continues to play picture-in-picture.

👤 While on the product page, users can also get 1:1 support or advice by adding sales associates’ WeChat Work which will cement that private traffic even more.


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