The latest buzzword — WeChat Work! This workplace communications app, created by WeChat parent company Tencent, is gaining popularity due to the coronavirus forcing millions of people to work from home.

But it’s not just a tool for companies to manage their remote workforces. WeChat Work can also be used for clienteling and customer relationship management to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus such as:

1. Decreased traffic to brick-and-mortar stores, forcing sales associates to find leads online

2. Sales team members using WeChat for personal communication which leaves managers or customers with no transparency

3. Difficult for managers to control brand messaging with a risk of false information spreading to clients

4. Inability to access company CRM which leaves sales associates with an incomplete view of customers when communicating with their clients

Learn how WeChat Work can help companies increase the pace of digitization rapidly and solve all the aforementioned effects that the coronavirus has brought to businesses in China by watching this webinar!

In this Chatly x Tencent webinar, Andrew Lai (Tencent Business Development Director) and Lauren Hallanan (Head of Marketing at Chatly) will explain the features of WeChat work and how it can help your company boost productivity and sales amid this period.

WeChat Work has become one of the top internal communication solutions for businesses affected by the coronavirus outbreak with features such as:

- Calendar that can be synced with external systems, set up through chatrooms, and invite attendees

- Audio/Video Meetings with up to 300 people can be held featuring host management and screen share capabilities - Livestream even for your WeChat contacts

- WeDoc with templates such as employee health surveys

WeChat Work also helps companies and employees make “People as a Service” with features to provide better clienteling & customer relationship management such as:

- Employees can have 1:1 chats with customers, customer groups (VERY popular sales tool in China! Watch the video to learn more), and the ability to post on customer’s moments

- Companies can retain/reassign client contacts even when employees leave, archive chats, assign tasks and broadcast messages to be sent out, and more

What might a customer journey look like after adopting WeChat Work?

Connect: Utilize QR codes in your Official Account to invite users into your WeChat Work

Customer Group Engage: Start a live stream, post on their moments

Convert: Lead them to your e-commerce mini program

What’s more is that you can even integrate WeChat Work with an external CRM system like Salesforce to keep all of your CRM contacts and their engagements, transaction records, along with chat histories all in a WeChat Work mini program.






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