Want to increase acquisition, binding rates, and conversions for your brand’s WeChat Account? During the coronavirus period, brands have been seeing an influx of new users as users have significantly more time to browse online and discover new brands. However, as life returns normal, how can you retain these new users? We looked into 67 beauty brand WeChat Accounts to come up with the ultimate list of touchpoints to optimize that your followers will engage within the first week of following your account!

In this webinar, we will look into the 5 core initial touchpoints and key criteria to meet that can help you identify, engage, and convert your users:

1. WeChat Search: Optimizing your brand zone and WeChat ID to increase your brand’s index results, exposure, and credibility

2. 48-hour Journey: Create personalized 1:1 journeys with call-to-action items that drive engagement, data binding, and sales

3. Menu Bar: Increase clickthrough rate and repeat visits by creating custom menus for different user segments

4. Customer Service: Setup autoresponders to answer FAQs and help users find what they’re looking for. Offer a GPS store finder and customer service mini-program with both live support and chatbot

5. E-commerce:Set up and deploy an e-commerce mini-program integrated with the Official Account and loyalty program, offering WeChat pay and in-store pickup

Start with a low-hanging fruit today by evaluating your Official Account’s initial touchpoints using the criteria listed in the presentation and decide which key areas for improvement would have the most impact on your brand’s WeChat KPI!






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