Co-hosted with innovation agency Fabernovel and digital agency 31Ten, this webinar will explore how WeChat’s role as a sales channel has grown as a result of COVID-19 and share some of the best practices for using commerce mini programs and WeChat Work.

Mini Programs: With over 400 million daily active users, mini programs have become one of the most popular features of WeChat since their inception just three years ago. Commerce mini programs have become a key purchasing channel for Chinese consumers - with their adoption and usage rates accelerating even further due to COVID-19.

Learn how to properly design your mini program store and integrate it with your WeChat Official Account to optimize the user experience and drive sales.

WeChat Work: With 60 million MAU and 2.5 million businesses using the platform, WeChat’s enterprise sister-app WeChat Work brings the precision targeting, efficiency, and immediacy of a full-stack CRM & E-C tool in the hands of front line staff.

In the webinar, we explored the newest functionalities of WeChat Work, and shared key business scenarios where it can accelerate a brand’s success in China as well as showcase some best practices.




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