01. Hermès launches a gamified Mini Program ahead of live event.

Hermès is heavily using gamification of social media to engage with their followers, launching TWO new games on WeChat.

Ahead of last week’s spring-summer 2021 event, Hermès released a WeChat Mini Program especially for ticket reservation and event engagement. Here are the details:

  • A new Mini Program in WeChat allows users to register for their live four-day event at The Power Station of Art in Shanghai.

  • An AR feature lets users turn their phone to explore the show (with links to Hermès e-commerce MP integrated throughout!)

  • To get users in the traveling mood, Hermès created two games, one mimicking finding your way through the subway (and based on a Hermès scarf design!); the other a memory game about packing your suitcase.

  • Players get to see how their performance compared to others' and can easily share their results with friends.

The rules for luxury marketing are different in China, and Hermès has done an excellent job creating a fun and accessible experience.


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02. Tag Heuer’s Racing Legend Board Game for the win!

Tag Heuer has done a cool job of gamifying their brand message and encouraging return engagement!

Here are a few reasons we think their Racing Legend Board Game is well-designed:

  • Motivating: Players roll a digital dice and answer questions about different Tag Heuer watches while moving along a board. There is a monthly giveaway to the top-ranking scorer, so players have a real reason to try again and learn their stuff!
  • Fun: There is also a lucky draw that players can earn chances for by “collecting” watches in the game. Great way to encourage return engagement!
  • Thoughtful: A survey about style preferences is integrated with the lucky draw MP (great for later personalization!)
  • Connection: Players can also win branded digital prizes like WeChat wallpapers along the way, further encouraging an emotional connection with the brand.

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03. Zegna broadens appeal and the bespoke experience in WeChat.

Zegna’s Made to Measure Experience is highlighting tailored clothing. Customization is big in luxury in China, and we love Zegna’s strategy of taking this aspect of it to their WeChat followers.

Their strategy emphasizes that both formal and casual wear can be custom-made, broadening their appeal, which seems to be working. Their March 24th post garnered a solid 23% engagement rate within its first nine hours. Comments applauded both brand spokesperson Li Xian 李现and Zegna’s comfortable style.


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04. Thoughtful touches by Sandro takes product pages up a notch.

Sandro has made the product sharing capability more prominent by locating it a floating bubble at the top right of each product page when most e-commerce MPs use a more discreet icon or none at all.

We also love that they’ve got another floating bubble for booking an in-store appointment on each product page! Usually, brands only locate this in the customer service center, but Sandro’s design keeps the possibility top-of-mind for their shoppers.

These thoughtful touches allow Sandro to take better advantage of WeChat’s capabilities for social shopping and driving footfall to offline stores.


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