The events of 2020 have been the ultimate driver for brands to accelerate their digital transformation efforts, particularly in China, where an already mobile-first, digitally-savvy society now has even higher expectations for online and O2O brand experiences.

Digital transformation has gone beyond omni-channel into unified experiences. Delivering these experiences requires leveraging a combination of experience design, marketing automation, social CRM tools, analytics and consulting. ChatLabs has been launched to meet this need.


Changes in Consumer Expectations

In just a matter of months, China’s pace of digital adoption and rate of digital literacy has skyrocketed, leaving long-lasting effects on the retail, financial services and commerce industries:  

  • With a plethora of social channels, e-commerce platforms and engagement options, brand consistency is more critical than before.
  • The rapid rise in e-commerce and customers’ comfort level with digital will generate higher expectations for an integrated and immersive offline retail experience. Brands will need to rethink the role of the store or branch and expand metrics beyond physical interaction
  • Supply chain disruptions and travel restrictions have resulted in changing consumer behavior and brand loyalties
  • Consumers are looking for companies that can fulfill their need for connection, authenticity, self-expression, and even purpose. This presents the next big opportunity for companies scrambling to be industry leaders.


Unified Experiences

To keep up with these changing needs, brands must think beyond omni-channel to a unified experience, de-siloing customer data to create a centralized view of the customer in order to provide him or her with a consistent and seamless interaction wherever they touch the brand.

Today, customer experience is the core differentiating factor that drives loyalty and overall revenue growth for brands. Integrating teams, technologies, and tools required to effectively and consistently deliver a seamless, customer-centric experience is not easy.

At ChatLabs, delivering these unified experiences to Chinese consumers is our mission.

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