E-commerce live streaming is a core marketing and sales tactic of Chinese cosmetics unicorn Perfect Diary, who deploys its beauty associates to live stream across all the key platforms including Taobao Live, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu. Yet while all these platforms are important, where is the brand seeing the best conversion? You guessed it - WeChat.

In a recent interview, Perfect Diary shared that the conversion rate of its WeChat live streams are typically 2-3 times higher than streams on other platforms. WeChat mini program live streaming is the industry’s best kept secret!

Taobao and Douyin have been getting all the buzz for their flashy, large-scale campaigns with KOLs and celebrities, yet the long-term effect of these streams is similar to the fable of the tortoise and the hare, while they give you a sudden boost in sales, daily sales associate-run streams on WeChat are proving to be an excellent and sustainable way to consistently engage and convert consumers. 

Still not sold on the idea? Below we’ll share some of the main benefits of WeChat live streaming.


To get an overview of e-commerce live streaming and its growing popularity, watch the replay of our recent webinar!




Decrease drop-off rate & gather more data

We’ve seen countless brands that have mini program stores driving WeChat followers to Taobao to watch live streams. How does that make sense? It doesn’t!

One of the key benefits of WeChat is its ecosystem. It has a wide range of features allowing brands to guide users through the entire customer journey from awareness, to engagement, to conversion, to loyalty, to advocacy. Keeping users within the WeChat ecosystem reduces the dropoff rate and it also enables brands to track how users interact with the brand across all its WeChat properties, thereby forming a much more complete view of the customer than they could on nearly any other platform in China.

A user can read your WeChat Official Account article, click on the mini program link within the article, begin watching the stream, view the product page of an item while watching the stream, and purchase it in your WeChat mini program store using WeChat Pay.

Seamless flow

Each of those actions can be tracked and used to segment and retarget said user with relevant content. Sending that user to Taobao means you are unable to find out if the user ended up purchasing anything, let alone watched the stream.

This is not to say brands shouldn’t run live streams on other platforms, but instead to suggest that brands meet users where they are, providing users the opportunity to watch a live stream wherever the user is following and engaging with the brand.


Live streams are easily shareable

The great thing about WeChat live streams is that, because they are embedded into mini programs, they have all the great shareability options of mini programs.

Brands can link to the live streams from their Official Account menus and the live stream card can be embedded in broadcast articles and shared in WeChat groups. Sharing in WeChat groups is a particularly effective method to drive viewer traffic and is another tactic often leveraged by Perfect Diary.

 MP card shared in group

Perfect Diary shares the mini program card in its WeChat groups to drive traffic to the live stream

Brands who have a Brand Zone set up for WeChat Search can also link to their live streams directly from the Brand Zone.


Connect viewers with sales associates on WeChat Work

We’ve written a lot about the benefits of WeChat Work, particularly for sales teams, and one of those key benefits is that brands can assign customers to sales associates by sharing the associate’s WeChat Work card with the customer.

Customers can rest at ease when adding the sales associate because they can see that the associate is a verified employee of the company, and the brand can rest at ease because they own all employees’ WeChat Work contacts and can reassign them if the employee leaves the company.

What does this have to do with live streaming on WeChat? We have seen brands combining the two, offering live stream viewers the ability to connect with a sales associate one-on-one if they have additional questions or want even more personalized advice than what they can get in the stream.

Connect w SA on WeChat Work

Users click the button on the right to add a nearby beauty advisor on WeChat Work.


Downside: difficult for new users to discover organically

We do want to point out one key downside of WeChat live streaming is that WeChat is still a fairly closed platform and there is currently no live streaming feed where users can go to discover streams. This means that the majority of your viewers will come from your existing follower base unless you offer incentives for viewers to share out the mini program card and invite their friends to view the stream.

In this regard, WeChat is a better platform for driving conversions and repeat purchases among your current audience pool, whereas if you are looking for massive brand exposure, partnering with a Taobao live streamer and paying to get in front of their audience will be a more effective method.


In Summary

Different live streaming platforms each have their own benefits. Brands should consider which platform is most appropriate for them based on a number of criteria including:

  • The goals of their stream
  • The platforms their audience prefer and where they have the largest following
  • The resources they have when it comes to developing internal live streaming talent
  • The budget they have for working with top KOLs or celebrities
  • Which e-commerce platforms they are on

And, if they have the resources, brands should consider streaming on more than one platform. Either way, be sure to consider WeChat when deciding where to stream as it has many benefits that the other options lack.


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