The demand for luxury goods by Chinese consumers has been recovering rapidly with a forecast of 30% growth for 2020 Q3-Q4 compared to the global 15% shrinkage.


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So how do you capture the attention of these high-income mainland shoppers driving this demand growth? By recreating the same in-store high-touch experience on WeChat.

Here are 5 ways to get started:

01. Personalize each user's e-commerce mini program feed with recommendations. Tailor the feed based on their past purchases, browsing history, or even their Official account clicks. To achieve this, start by integrating your WeChat portals to your global CRM and gain a holistic view of each user.

02. Offer an augmented reality (AR) virtual try-on experience on the e-commerce mini program product pages. Users can simply open their camera and point it at their hand to “try on” your jewelry. You can also leverage the strong social aspect of WeChat with this fun feature and drive more organic traffic to your mini program store with engagement campaigns such as encouraging users to share pictures of themselves “wearing” your diamond jewelry with their friends and family as greeting cards.

03. Build a chatbot mini program powered by artificial intelligence specific to your industry and your jewelry selections. Users should be able to get instant responses to their checkout questions and chat with a virtual BA for recommendations. Once a chatbot has been implemented, be sure to connect in your customer service team to chat in case the customer requests escalation. 

04. Develop and maintain a 1:1 relationship with your customers by asking them to add your sales associates’ WeCom contact. It is a common practice for sales associates to add clients and potential customers as friends on their personal WeChat account. However, since WeChat was not meant for clienteling, brands are met with problems such as contact loss when the associate leaves or lack of transparency and control over their conversations. This is why we strongly recommend brands to adopt WeCom (formerly WeChat Work), an app built for clienteling, chat archiving, and mobile CRM, and use it as the primary channel for 1:1 customer communications.

05. Create automated follow-up journeys with information specific to the purchased jewelry. The user would trigger the journey when making a purchase, and then receive information on diamond care/maintenance, design concept, and jewelry highlight on set time intervals. This would help maintain customer engagement on WeChat and provide them with the best post-sale care. (Check out our Luxury Watch Brand case study to learn more).


Customer service is king. This is true especially for the luxury industry. Want to outcompete and really “shine” through the noise of thousands of other luxury brands vying for Chinese consumers’ attention? Start with these 5 ways to offer the best WeChat e-commerce customer experience.


Intrigued to learn more? Check out our Luxury Jewelry Brand case study!

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