01. Hublot Creates an Exclusive Livestream

Hublot used WeChat to launch their latest luxury watch in a super clever way. The Feb 18th product unveiling had 3 key components to the launch:

  • Hosting the live product reveal on their Mini Program.
  • Allowing their Official Account followers to “reserve” a broadcast reminder by registering for the event
  • Once a user has registered, they’re given priority on placing a pre-order of the limited-release watch during the live product preview.

By making the event live on WeChat and preparing viewers to pre-order, Hublot has created an air of excitement and exclusivity around their upcoming release, all while making it easily accessible at the same time. 

It’s notable how Hublot was able to take something as simple as a template message and turn it into a reminder “spot” that users must register for – creative!



02. Estée Lauder’s Customer-Centric Livestream Promotion Increases Engagement

Estée Lauder’s most recent livestream promotion is incredibly customer-centric and comprehensive: 

1. Accessibility: A floating gift-box on their Mini Program homepage links to the livestream page. Since it’s still two days out, users see a countdown clock and an option to sign up for a reminder message.

2. Social: Group chats for updates about the livestream create a personal connection. They’ve used WeChat Work to create these groups, with a sales associate managing each one. Users can join one from the Mini Program homepage.

3. Engagement: Users get three “tasks” to prepare for the livestream (and earn bonus gifts!). They are: subscribe to the broadcast reminder, follow Estée Lauder’s Official WeChat Account, and invite friends to the livestream.

We love the way Estée Lauder provides several avenues for user involvement leading up to the event. They give shoppers great incentives to get involved well before the start of the event, creating investment and excitement.



03. How Longchamp Got Personalization Right

Longchamp’s My Pliage customization feature on WeChat is pretty awesome!

Here are our three reasons why:

1. Personalisation: China’s Gen Z values personalisation highly. In a recent report, 51% percent agreed that “I prefer brands that can customise their products for me.”

2. Sustainability: The bags are made from recycled plastic bottles – especially noteworthy considering that 25% of China’s Gen Z is concerned about buying green, substantially more than the global Gen Z average (13%).

3. Fun and Easy: Longchamp’s feature visualizes your bag as you build it, letting shoppers play with different color options and endless possibilities for text customisations. 

4. Bonus: the most recent WeChat promotion for the customisable My Pliage features user-generated inspiration for shoppers. This genuine type of “two-way conversation” between a brand and its clients is key to generating enthusiasm.

Check out the McKinsey & Company report on Gen Z in China’s shopping habits here and OC&C’s report on Gen Z’s conscious consumption here.



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