01. Fendi’s KOL choice won insane engagement!

Fendi’s January 11th WeChat post got over 63% ENGAGEMENT! Some say A-list KOLs may be waning in influence compared to the more relatable KOL, but this suggests otherwise.

All the engagement centered around the stars of the post, Zhao Wei and Zhang Ruoyun.

Zhao Wei (or Vicky Zhao) is one of the most popular and highest-paid Chinese female actors. She has also recently been a brand ambassador for Burberry.

Zhang Ruoyun has starred in numerous T.V. and film roles, first making Forbes China Celebrity list in 2017 and again in 2020. Both he and Zhao Wei were featured in Sina Weibo’s Best Acting Performances of 2019 top ten list.

Interestingly, the engagment came mostly in the form of readers liking comments praising the two stars, with the top two comments getting over 1,000 likes – crazy!

So while the relatable KOLs we’ve highlighted are certainly important, it looks like they may be expanding the field rather than replacing others.




02. Burberry’s Chinese New Year campaign is getting a mixed reception online! Horns 😈 and carrier bags 🛍?!

Burberry announced a Year of the Ox line, including special B series hats with horns to be released in limited amount on 1/17.

The campaign features Liu Wen (often referred to as “Big Cousin” in Chinese), whom the New York Times called “China’s first bona fide supermodel.” Most of the responses to the campaign’s WeChat post were singing her praise.

The series also includes large plaid beach totes, which netizens have criticized for too closely resembling plastic carrier bags that are ubiquitous in China.

However, a blouse, skirt, and trousers with a similar patterns have already sold out in Burberry’s WeChat mini program!


03. Our key takeaways from Bvlgari CEO’s interview with Content Commerce Insider.

A Happy New Year for Luxury brands? Here are some of my highlights from Bvlgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin’s interview with CCI about how the company has adapted to the new reality.

Adaptability: Bvlgari expanded their e-commerce into nine new markets in 2020 and established digital one-to-one relationships with clients amid COVID-19 restrictions. 

China Highlights: Notably increased shopping during Chinese Valentines Day (QiXi) and 520 (another type of Valentine’s Day), as people seem more willing to spend on meaningful gifts. Bvlgari also saw triple-digit growth in online sales in China!

Closeness: Babin stated that COVID-19 ”has brought brands closer to their clients” as the digital innovation necessitated by lockdowns led to more frequent and laid-back connections. Additionally, teams within companies have become more flexible and quick-moving due to the new daily online meetings (as opposed to trips).

You can check out the full interview here.



04. 3D Stores becoming a new norm in luxury WeChat shopping.

Gucci is using WeChat to drive traffic to their Tmall flagship store, enticing users with a 3D shopping and art garden.

The Tmall store features a 3D “Gucci Garden” where shoppers can walk around and shop in an immersive environment, much like Dolce & Gabbana’s 2020 3D WeChat store.

Gucci’s WeChat post promoting their partnership with Tmall allowed followers to preview the new Tmall 3D feature and also came with a password shoppers could paste into the Taobao app to take them directly to Gucci Garden in Tmall.

The launch on WeChat got more than 700 Wows and over 1000 Likes! 

The Gucci Garden is joined by other recently released luxury 3D experiences, like Coach’s Micky Mouse x Keith Haring VR experience (which includes a metro stop and gift shop), Dulce & Gabbana’s 3D Shang Hai store, and Chloé’s VR winter store in Tmall.









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