01. Burberry's strategy: "up and coming" KOLs 

Burberry’s latest “Burberry Generation” post promoted sneakers that sold out in under 24 hours!

The post dropped Wednesday evening, featuring 3 of Gen Z’s most beloved drummers 🥁: Lu Shi, Yuming Ju, and Yuhao Yang

It promoted Burberry’s Arthur Sport Shoes Mini Program – with the silver and white shoes donned by Lu Shi selling out in under 24 hours!

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Reactions to the post focused largely on the adoration of Yuming Ju, who rose to popularity this past summer on the musical reality show, The Coming One: Super Band.

There was also plenty of love in the comments for Lu Shi of the band Hedgehog (some say the best female drummer in China) and “Little Lamb” Yuhao Yang of Penicillin. They both rose to fame on the musical reality show The Big Band Show

Users praised Burberry for collaborating with these artists as one user commented, “Thanks to Burberry for inviting Yuming Ju!”, and another said, “Burberry has vision!”

Their first issue VOL.01 came out last month and featured several innovative photographers’ work with Burberry’s Olympia bag line. It also gained a lot of buzz among Gen Z audiences with commenters offering analysis of the photographers’ unique styles.

Burberry Generation speaks directly to the Gen Z audience with innovative and culturally-timely content and artist collaborations, making a reputation for themselves as an open, forward-thinking brand that understands the importance of self-expression.


02. The State of Fashion 2021 report by BOF

What does The State of Fashion 2021 report by Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company have to say about luxury in China? Check out our key takeaways!

Livestreaming came up again and again as the future of reaching out to customers. Luxury brands face a special challenge in balancing the relaxed nature of livestreaming with the more traditional image of luxury.


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Local consumers in China are becoming increasingly important due to travel restrictions, with brands offering location-specific exclusives and broadening their entry-price offerings to appeal to the middle class.

Brick-and-mortar in China are expected to grow 5% in 2021 vs. 2019, while falling in Europe and the US. The trend is toward “New Retail,” where flagship stores become complementary to e-commerce and the omni-channel experience is seamless, though we’re not there yet.

China is driving recovery in the luxury market amid the economic crisis. Some luxury brands have already returned to growth in China, with sales recovered to 2019 levels and anticipated to be up 10-30% in 2021 compared to 2019.

Check out the article here.


03. Gucci's new WeChat game: "Conga Master"

Nostalgic for holiday work parties? Gucci’s got you covered. Check out their new WeChat game, Conga Master.

Gucci’s Wednesday Christmas-themed post boasted a holiday office party-themed game called Conga Master, where players try to lengthen their conga dance line to gain entry into locked party rooms.

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The game comes with cheery background music and the ability to choose between five characters with varying skill sets. Players must avoid the perils of spilled beverages, unhappy secretaries, and punching bouncers as they use their dance moves to convince co-workers to join the conga line.

Commenters appeared to appreciate the effort and fun spirit, while not exactly finding the game highly playable. Comments were more focused on the red and green holiday products featured in the post, like sparkling sneakers and wintery scarfs, and even Gucci’s green holiday wrapping paper got special attention (with one favorable comment receiving over 400 likes)!

The holiday post garnered over 100K views in under 24 hrs, compared to 80K in 24 hrs for Tiffany’s Christmas post that was dropped just 10 hours later.






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